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On the 21-23 of May, 2014, at the Hotel Korston**** in Moscow "AquaStop - 2014: Waterproofing, roofing and heat-insulation materials"



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Воскресенье, 19.11.2017 г.
Пригласите компанию-партнёра и получите скидку 15 % на участие в конференции.
Подробная информация по тел.:
+7 (812) 380-65-72 (доб. 202) Cергей Егоров и +7 (812) 380-65-72 (доб. 215) Надежда Лукьянова.
  • AquaStop - 2014: Waterproofing, roofing and heat-insulation materials

   IX International

Scientific and Technical Conference
AquaStop – 2016
Waterproofing and roofing materials

is to be held on April 27-28, 2016, at  the Holiday Inn Suschevsky hotel****, Moscow, Russia.



  • ALIT  Academic Scientific and Technical Center;

  • The Moscow Metro;

  • International Metro Association;

  • National Roofing-trade Union of Russia;

  • Russian Union of Builders.

AquaStop-2016 is:

  • an international business event in the field of waterproofing and roofing materials;

  • more than 20 scientific and analytical reports of the leading experts from Russia, China, the United States, CIS and EU countries;

  • about 150 participants: consumers and producers of waterproofing and roofing materials, representatives of professional associations and building companies, public transport system officers and independent researchers;

  • working trip to the Moscow Metro, where the participants will have a chance to get acquainted with one of the implemented waterproofing projects;

  • meeting of the Heads of Metro Tunnel Constructions Services of the former Soviet Republics.

Main topics of the conference:

  • Modern trends in improving waterproofing technologies and roofing works;

  • The market of waterproof and roofing materials;

  • Waterproof and roofing materials on the base of bituminous, polymeric and mineral substances;

  • Water-impervious membrane and metal insulation;

  • Modern technologies, equipment and instruments for roofing and waterproofing;

  • Sealing underground and buried structures;

  • Materials for heat- and waterproof applications;

  • Primary and secondary waterproof systems;

  • Normative base about waterproof and roofing materials;

  • Methods and equipment for testing of waterproof and roofing materials and quality control.


The International Scientific and Technical Conference "AquaStop" has been held since 2001.Over 800 leading scientists and more than 500 dry building mixtures, waterproofing and roofing  manufacturing companies from Russia, Europe, Asia, etc. have already participated in AquaStop Conference. Among the participants are the leaders of the construction industry as ZAO SSMO "LenSpetsSMU", LEK, OAO "Mostootryad №19", OAO "Metrostroy" and many others. 



web-site: aquastop.ru
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Телефонtel./ fax: in Saint Petersburg: +7 (812) 380-65-72, 703-71-85, 335-09-91, 335-09-92


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