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On the 21-23 of May, 2014, at the Hotel Korston**** in Moscow "AquaStop - 2014: Waterproofing, roofing and heat-insulation materials"



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Воскресенье, 19.11.2017 г.
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  • AquaStop - 2014: Waterproofing, roofing and heat-insulation materials

Preliminary list of speakers of AquaStop-2016

Dr. Frank HEIMBECHER (Germany)

Control mechanisms for sealing systems in tunnels


Muenster University of Applied Sciences


Dr. Andrey A. SHILIN (Russia)

Selection of materials for waterproofing of underground structures during construction and repair


ZAO Triada-Holding


Dr. Eduard L. BOLSHAKOV (Russia)

The main factors influencing the waterproof performance of concrete and reinforced concrete structures and methods to enhance it


ALIT group of companies


Dr. Liberato FERRARA (Italy)

Siloxanes in concrete: from manual application of water-proofing treatments to mix-design addition for concrete hydrophobicity

Associate Professor

Politecnico di Milano


Alexandr Yu. DADCHENKO (Russia)

Overview of roofing and waterproofing technologies


National Roofing-trade Union of Russia


Rene KAROLYI (Russia)

Communication lines through passage waterproofing – simple and reliable

Technical Director

ZAO Asoka


Mikhail K. KUDOBAEV (Russia)

Peculiarities of concrete monolithic elements waterproofing system structure while constructing embedded and underground structures

Head of Construction Board



Konstantin N. KOZYREV (Russia)

Construction of Technopark metro station roof in Moscow without stopping the train traffic




Annelies VANDERMEULEN (Belgium)

Innovative specialized technology of waterproof injection

Export Manager



Alexandr T. CHUBINISHVILI (Russia)

Application of specialized waterproofing membranes for underground construction

Head of Engineering Waterproofing Division

OOO TekhnoNIKOL Construction Systems


Oleg I. PANITKOV (Russia)

Rooflights – problems and possibilities

Development Director



Galina O. SMIRNOVA (Russia)

Regulatory documents on the underground transport structures waterproofing

Leading Researcher

Scientific and Research Institute «Tunnels and Metro Systems»


Mikhail M. KULIKOV (Russia)

Current state and development perspectives of the construction industry of Russia

President Advisor

Russian Union of Builders


Yelena V. PONOMAREVA (Russia)

Waterproofing solutions by SHOMBURG Ltd

Chemical Engineer

ООО Shomburg-ER Ltd


Dmitry V. SHUSHUKIN (Russia)

Experience of sprayed bituminous and polymeric mastics for the metro objects waterproofing. Case of Dunaiskiy prospect metro station of the Saint Petersburg Metro


OAO Metrostroy


Sergey KATAEV (Russia)

Water-repellent agents for engineering structures protection

Sales Manager

OOO Evonik Chimia


Georgy V. SYADUK (Russia)

Slan-siloxane based thixotropic cream injection technology for basement waterproofing

Technical Manager

Wacker Chemie Rus


Dr. Sergey V. GERASIMOV (Russia)

Flat and gentle slope roofs of large span structures




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